Systems & Process Automation Consultancy

Many organisations are stuck with archaic manual systems and processes. These tend to be very inefficient, time consuming and prone to human error.
In many cases, there is a duplication of effort with the same piece of information being captured a number of different times along the information chain.

This is where we come in with automation to make processes leaner and more efficient.
We believe technology should really be doing the work for you and not the other way round.

“After battling to find a suitable program for our rather unique tracking, consolidation & reporting needs, we approached Talarius,
who using Excel VBA programming developed a user friendly program that does all our coupon consolidation
and produces all our reporting requirements. Just what we needed!”
– Coupon Administrator, Petroleum Company

Systems Review & Advisory

Good analysis is premised upon good data, stored in the right format and easily accessible. We help organisations to review their systems and software
to insure that all the right information is captured from the different processes and stored in an access friendly manner.

We provide recommendations on the missing links ensuring a smooth flow of data from initial data entry to reporting and analysis.

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