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Data Analysis & Modeling with Advanced Microsoft Excel

How do you navigate through a sea of data and use it to make informed decisions? That’s where we come in! We will teach you data-analysis techniques that will help you to produce
management reports and value adding analysis in a fraction of the time.

Dashboards & Reports using Microsoft Excel

Learn how to build interactive dashboards, reports and what if analyses from large amounts of data. Gain visibility into data from different perspectives to answer the key management questions and drive strategic direction, using rich charts and tables.

Budgeting & Forecasting Techniques using Microsoft Excel

Learn how to use utilise Microsoft Excel more effectively for budgeting and forecasting activities. We will teach you a variety of approaches to forecasting, planning and budgeting, as well as the Excel techniques that will help you build better forecasts, rolling forecasts, variance reports as well as scenarios and sensitivity testing.

Reconciliation Techniques using Advanced Microsoft Excel

Learn how to use Excel’s advanced techniques to different types of accounts from customer transactions, control accounts, bank reconciliations and more. Let us show you how to reconcile quicker and more accurately!

Management Accounts Report Automation Services

Need help with automating your management accounts reporting pack? We are just a phone call or email away. We believe reporting need not be an event, but should really be at the click of a button. Automation will reduce the time it takes to produce your management reporting as well as bringing about greater accuracy to your reporting.

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